Capturing your love story...

while you bond with baby.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: I already have a baby book, why do I need a Video Baby Book?

A: The question shouldn't be why do you NEED it, but rather why wouldn't you WANT it? Simply put, traditional baby books are ordinary, while a video baby book is EXTRAORDINARY!  Baby books aren't just for you, the parent, they are also for your son or daughter. Think about how amazing it will be for them to look back at you cooing over him or her and talking about him or her while being mesmerized by them and all their uniqueness. Words on a written page can only express so much; if a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth over a million!

Q: Can my home movies be added to my Video Baby Book?

A: Absolutely! Just provide me with a file on the day of the shoot or send it over the internet and I can include it in your own personal story.

Q: What kinds of questions will you ask in the interview and can I prepare?

A: I will discuss the shoot with you over the phone prior to the day of, and then I will email you a list of questions I plan to ask to help to tell your own personal story. Every baby is different, and therefore every baby book will be too. Most questions will be those found in a traditional baby book, but will be altered to fit you and your baby.

Q: What if I get camera shy on the day of the shoot?

A: I can help you work through that, as I have done a lot of videography with all types of personalities. I will work in the least invasive way to capture you and your baby in your natural environment.

Q: Can other family members be present for the shoot?

A: Most definitely! Anyone you want to include can take part. I have even shot with furry members of the family as well.

Q: Can I purchase a gift certificate for someone else?

A: Of course. You can purchase a gift certificate in any denomination and it can be applied to any one of my packages.

Q: Do you only film newborns and infants?

A: I am a family videographer and would be honored to capture you and your loved ones of any age. There are special moments and milestones that go well beyond the first year of life.

Q: I already film everything I want captured, why should I hire you?

A: if you're doing the filming, then you aren't in the picture, which is a key element of my Video Baby Books. Allowing your child to look back at how you both interacted will be one of the things that he or she will treasure most.In addition, I hit record so you can let your thoughts and feelings flow freely and then I'll piece your story together in editing. You can also hire me to edit all of your footage together into a living family history.